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What you need

Regulatory Swimming Bag (R170 from the office) Swimming cap (R60 from the office)

Costume (no bikini’s or baggies)

Warm Jacket or Tracksuit Top

Fees 2021

Learn to Swim

1 class per week R1395 per term (an increase of R45 per term)

2 classes per week R2490 per term (an increase of R90 per term)


1 class per week R1600 per 8 classes (an increase of R6.25 per class)


1 class per week R1530 per term (an increase of R70 per term)

2 classes per week R2700 per term (an increase of R120 per term)

Payable in Two Payments 1st payment due on 1st lesson of the term, 2nd payment due by 1st of final month of the term.during the term. If you are using a monthly stop order, kindly contact the office. All fees are payable in advance.  Penalties will be charged on late payments!

Arriving on time

Students must arrive 10 minutes before the start of the lesson. Late arrivals will only receive the remaining part of the lesson and cannot be placed in the next class without prior consent.

Missing a Lesson

As we work on a tight schedule, make up lessons tend to be difficult and  almost impossible to reschedule. Our Teachers are ready at Pool Side with the pre-planned program and it becomes detrimental to the student if they are not following THEIR Pre-planned Program.   If the student has to miss 2 or more classes in the term, please contact the office.

Classes cannot be credited, refunded or carried over to the next term

New Time Schedule

Should you require a new Scheduled time due to a change in your circumstances, please contact the office via email.

Calendar 2020

Term 1   15/01/2021 to 20/03/2021

Term 2   31/03/2021 to 13/06/2021

Term 3  13/07/2021 to 19/09/2021

Term 4  29/09/2021 to 12/12/2021

Terminating the classes

ONE Term’s notice in writing is required.  The reason for the extended notice period is purely for safety reasons, as we have noticed over the years that while children are attending lessons they are cautious, and once they give up  the lessons, they think they know it all, and that is when accidents happen.  During this notice period we will ensure that the children understand all the rules around water, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents and drowning.  While we have the space allocated we will charge for the space until we get the notice in writing!



This is not our rule, but it is THE LAW!  To protect our children from being exposed on social media. 


We encourage communication between our teachers and parents, and we have an “open door policy” so that the parents are able to watch the classes and see their children growing in confidence and skill!

Basil, Cecile or Lyndsey

Janice (Office)            

Office                                     0116742530 or 0114728818



Basil                                       0829229161

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday
8.30am to 5.30pm

8.30am to 4.00pm

8.00am to 1.00pm

Please do not phone outside of office hours! Please do not contact the Teachers after hours!

Our emphasis is on teaching life skills, responsibility, diligence, perseverance and sportsmanship!  We teach the children to love and respect the water – in loving it, they want to do more and in respecting it they do not do anything silly!

“Every child is special in their own unique way”

The Swim School Calendar